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Mapstechhub is The best AWS Training Institute in Pune

Mapstechhub is one of the best AWS training Institutes in Wakad Pune AWS Course completion can master you to choose a cloud-based solution for your enterprise supported want and requirement. Start your career with labelled of Cloud Solution Architect / AWS Solution Engineer Best AWS Training in Pune and AWS Certification in Pune builds your competence, confidence, and credibility through practical cloud skills that assist you introduce and build your future.

So demand is risings there aren’t certified professionals are within the market therefore it means you're progressing to be on high demand now and for your future. You are going to enhance your career path as well as you are going to enter a new career. If you get AWs certification you will be 1 in 30 people you're going to be on high demand. You are getting to define your own compensation when Amazon web services certification. This is the time to certified AWS Amazon net Services.

Why AWS?

AWS is the most leading cloud computing platform and AWS Solutions architect Associate is one among its most wanted AWS training in Pune and placement certification course in Pune. The course covers a large sort of topics and AWS Services in depth that are needed as a very important skill set throughout the business. With dynamic IT desires, organizations are migrating their On-Premises infrastructure within the cloud. AWS has in all 165 various totally scaled services with up to around 40 important services that are not available on the other cloud platform. With AWS dominating the cloud market, it controls about 60% and above the market share of cloud computing AWS Classes in Pune Companies are facing a scarcity of skilled people in the cloud computing domain. Organizations across the industry are migrating from servers to applications into the cloud and well-skilled engineers are the ones who can make things happen smoothly and that too without downtime. Web service Training Creates the overall Cloud architecture and leads the Cloud migration activity Responsible for end-to-end technical functions of Cloud migration Work on migrating, architecting, building, and deploying systems and applications to a public Cloud. Conduct regular reviews of documentation to ensure accuracy.

Why Mapstechhub?

Our content is built by specialists at AWS and updated often therefore you’re continuously learning the most recent and keeping your cloud skills fresh. We offer each digital and classroom Amazon AWS training Institute in Pune as well as private on-site training. You can prefer to learn online at your own pace or learn from an accredited AWS instructor. Whether you’re simply beginning out, building on existing IT skills, or sharpening your cloud knowledge, AWS Training in Pune and AWS Certification in Pune can help you be more effective and do more in the cloud. Cloud computing is one of the hottest technology today. what will it suggests that it means learning regarding cloud mastering regarding cloud technology and certifying regarding cloud technology .the reason you get certified is to prove your expertise. Your information is tested by vendors like cloud computing vendors Amazon net services. Amazon web services training in Pune. Amazon web services training in Pune and certification are newer so there are relatively less AWS certified individuals. There is a complete of 45 million companies are in the world. There are less than 40 k certified people. So you are on high demanding. Because cloud computing is growing rapidly they're doubling and tripling the revenue every year.

Mapstechhub, Pune offers a best training platform to learn languages like AWS in very interactive and growing environment. Here at Mapstechhub, students can easily learn advanced level of technologies in vast laboratories which helps them in getting effective placement in a desired manner. The most alluring and the best part of Mapstechhub is that it provides a vast number of training courses for the betterment of skills and development of the student. Trainees get education here in additional experimental and sensible means which boosts the potential of doing work. Here, classes are also scheduled according to the student’s convenience.

AWS Course Content

    Cloud Computing & AWS
  • introduction to AWS S3, EC2, VPC, EBS, ELB, AMI, getting a detailed understanding of the AWS architecture and the AWS Management Console, introduction to AWS EC2, comparing Public IP and Elastic IP, demonstrating how to launch an AWS EC2 instance, what is auto scaling, AWS EC2 best practices and cost involved, understanding various concepts of backup services in AWS.

  • Database Services

    Elastic Block Storage (EBS) for block level persistent storage volumes with S3 buckets, understanding Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora which are relational databases, Amazon DynamoDB which is a NoSQL database, understanding Amazon Redshift which is a data warehousing product, Amazon ElasticCache which is an in-memory data store, deploying AWS database migration service.

  • Object Storage

    Introduction to AWS storage, AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service), creating an AWS S3 bucket, AWS Storage Gateway, understanding the Command Line Interface (CLI), hosting a static website using Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier storage for long-term data backup and archiving and Amazon Snowball for data import/export.

  • Autoscaling and load balancing

    Understanding Fault Tolerance in AWS, in-depth study of Elastic Load Balancing, the types of Load Balancers viz. Classic and Application, AWS Auto Scaling mechanism, understanding AWS Management Console, how to access the Elastic Load Balancing, studying AWS SDK, AWS CLI and Https Query API.

  • Virtual Private Cloud

    What is Amazon VPC, VPC as a networking layer for EC2, getting started with VPC, examples, VPC and Subnets, default and non-default VPCs, components of VPC networking, IP addressing, security, VPN connections, accessing the internet, using AWS PrivateLink to access the services and VPC supported platforms.

  • Application services, AWS Lambda and CLI

    Introduction to various AWS application services, Elastic Beanstalk, Simple Email Services (SES), Simple Notification Service (SNS), AWS Lambda, Elastic OpsWorks and CLI.

  • IAM and monitoring

    Authentication (who can use) and Authorization (level of access), IAM Policies – JSON structure, users, groups and their Roles, IAM HTTPS API, logging IAM events with AWS CloudTrail, monitoring and managing AWS resources using CloudWatch, deploying configuration alerts and notifications with CloudWatch, billing for CloudWatch.

  • Configuration Management and Automation

    Configuration management and automation of server configuration using OpsWorks, determining how servers are configured, managed and deployed across EC2 instances, creating a virtual machine using Amazon Machine Image (AMI), introduction to the Domain Name Registration service AWS Route 53, how to route internet traffic to resources, checking health of resources automatically, provisioning of infrastructure resources using AWS CloudFormation.

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