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Oracle SQL Training Institute

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Best Oracle SQL Training in Pune by Industry Experts

Online / Offline Weekdays / Weekend Batches Availble
Duration of Training: 6 weekends


Oracle SQL Training in Pune at Mapstechhub is providing you in-depth understanding and imparting knowledge about Oracle SQL Data Visualization. Our Course consists of SQL Basics, DWH Concepts, Mapping, Chart Creation, Gantt, Sparkline,Tableau Statistics etc. Our Oracle SQL course in Pune also provides you hands on training .

We provide professional Oracle SQL training in Pune. The training modules are extensive to cover from the basic level to the advanced level. Training will be for experienced as well as for freshers also where everyone will get familiar with RDBMS concepts using Oracle and will be expert in SQL programming. Training will be user friendly and will be more focusing on real time programs as per industry standards.

By attending the training, you will become the expert in SQL programming. There will be complete subject covered by explaining each in & out of SQL. We shall be covering the following in training:

    • Why to use SQL
    • History of SQL
    • Advantage of SQL
    • Types of SQL
    • Practical implementation of each SQL
    • Writing simple and complex queries
    • Constraints
    • Different Types of Functions
    • Group By with Having
  • Introduction to Oracle DB 12c

    Oracle Database 12c: Focus Areas, Fusion Middle-ware, Oracle Cloud, Services, Deployment Methods, RDBMS, Data Model, ER Diagram, Relation DB Terminology, SQL Statements and Development Environment, HR Schema Tables, DB Documentation.

  • Retrieving Data using SQL SELECT statement

    Basic Select Statement, Arithmetic Expression, Defining Null values, Concatenation Operator & Literal, Duplicate Rows, Displaying table structure. Practice Overview.

  • Restricting & Sorting Data

    Use of Where clause, Character Strings & Date Data, Comparison, Logical, Range, Pattern, & Other operators, Rules Precedence, Order By Clause, Substitution variables. Practice Overview

  • Single Row Function & Customized Output

    SQL function, Single Row Function, Character/Case Functions, Number Functions, Nesting Function, Date Functions etc. Practice Overview.

  • Conversion & Conditional Expressions

    Conversion Function, Implicit/Explicit Data Conversion, General Function with covering NVL, NVL2, NULLIF, COALESCE, Conditional Expression with Decode function and Case Expression. Practice Overview.

  • Reporting Aggregated Data using Group Function

    Usages of Group function, Nesting Group Function, Creating Group Data, Restricting group data using Having Clause. Practice Overview.

  • Displaying Data from Multiple Tables using Join

    Type of Joins, Explaining with Natural Join, Using Clause, On Clause, SQL 99 Syntax, Three-Way Join, Self Join, NonEqui Join, Inner Versus Outer Join, Cross Join etc. Practice overview.

  • Using Sub-queries to solve queries

    Scenario to use Sub-query, Rules for Sub-queries, Type of Sub-queries, Single Row Sub-queries and Multi Row Sub-queries. Null value in Sub-query etc. Practice Overview.

  • SQL Advanced: Using Set Operator

    Set Operator Rules, Covering Set Operator as UNION, UNION ALL, INTERSECT, MINUS etc. Practice Overview.

  • Managing Tables using DML Statements

    Data Manipulation Language, Covering INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE & DB Transaction control using COMMIT, ROLLBACK, SAVEPOINT. Use of For update clause in SELECT Statement.

  • Introduction to Data Definition Language

    Database Object, Naming Rules, Various Data Types, CREATE TABLE statement, Constraint guidelines, Defining constraints as NOT NULL, UNIQUE, PRIMARY KEY, FOREIGN KEY & CHECK etc. ALTER TABLE, DROP TABLE Statement. Create Table using Sub-query. Practice Overview.

  • Introduction to Data Dictionary Views

    Data Dictionary Structure, How to use Data Dictionary, USER_OBJECTS, ALL_OBJECT, USER_CONSTRAININTS. TABLE Information, Column Information etc. Practice overview.

  • Creating Sequence, Synonyms & Indexes

    Importance of Sequence, Synonyms & Indexes. Defining Sequence, Synonyms & Indexes & DROP statement etc. Practice overview.

  • Creating Views

    What’s View? Advantage of Views, CRETAE Simple & Complex views, Rules for performing DML operation on views. Modifying & Removing a view etc. Practice Overview.

  • Retrieving Data by using Sub-Query

    Multiple Column Sub-query, Column Comparison, Pair & Non Pair Sub-queries, Scalar Sub queries, Co-related Sub-queries, Use of WITH clause. Practice Overview.


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