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SEO Company in Pune India

Mapstechhub is the best SEO Agency in Pune India

“Search Engine Optimization”, it’s a basic requirement for a company website. Every business is running a race to be on the first page of Google, not realizing the importance of SEO. In simple terms it’s the process of increasing quantity and driving quality traffic to a website with and unpaid results or naturally. The more visitors to business website the more in ranking of a website in Google search.

Every Google user is just interested in first page of Google search results, based on the reliability build by Google. A successful SEO involves using right keywords, content, as its makes search engine algorithms to track it easy. There is a SEO lifecycle required for every website which consist of

Search Engine Marketing Services in Pune - Mapstechhub
  • Website Optimization
  • Strategy
  • Keyword and Key-Phrase Analysis
  • On-page Optimization
  • Off-page Optimization
  • Link Popularity Analysis
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Competitor Website Analysis

Our SEO services includes

  • Keyword Research(Google Keyword Planner tool),
  • Meta Tags for keywords and description,
  • content creation and/or recommendations for existing or proposed content,
  • Off Page Submission / Resubmission / Business Listing to major search engines
  • and directories (Directory submission),
  • Search Engine Submissions,
  • Blog Commenting,
  • Blog Post,
  • Forum ,
  • Article Submission,
  • Website Promotion,
  • Social Media Optimization on Facebook, Twitter,
  • tracking status of various keywords used,

  • updating on latest search engine ranking algorithm.

    These method is applied for increasing the organic rankings of any website in major search engine results such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc. By using this technique only those results get displayed in SERP [Search Engine Results Pages] that search engines optimization. The above process helps to know the improvements that a website needs. Every website needs to have a good SEO to sustain in Google search pages for long run. We at Mapstechhub work in making the website more SEO aligned.

Search Engine Marketing Services in Pune - Mapstechhub

On-Page Optimization

It’s one part of search engine optimization, to optimize individual’s web pages in order that the website should rank in Google search and drive more traffic in search engine. On-page works for both content and the coding (HTML source code). On-page is no more limited to keywords and content, however it includes many other factors to rank a website in search engines and make it more users friendly.

  • Accessibility
  • File Formats
  • Redirection
  • Navigation
  • Usability
  • Internal Link
  • Anchor text
  • XML Sitemap
  • Robot File
Website Optimization
  • Keywords
  • Header tags (H1 to H6)
  • Meta Tags Optimization
  • Friendly URL
  • Heading
  • Anchor text
  • Content optimization
  • Image optimization

OFF-Page Optimization

SEO has one more part known as Off-page SEO. That clearly indicates the activity performed outside the boundaries of your website Off-Page SEO is not limited to link building only it involves many other factors like social media marketing, bookmarking and many more. Search Engine Optimization is in a constant process of finding a way to show best of search results to its users, to achieve this there are factors like on the page and off page which gives best of results.

A good off page activity indicates on how a website is perceived all over the world, how well is the exposure of a particular website. This is again counted if done in an organic manner, not by paid links. Off Page helps increase in page rankings, increase in position, and more exposure. We at Mapstechhub make sure your website reaches right potential users by giving you good exposure on World Wide Web.


Expert Work

SERPs Rank

Google Analytics

When there is a website of any business, means there are other factors involved like SEO, Social media, branding, and promotions similarly Google Analytics tool are equally important. It’s a completely free tool by Google to use, which shows statistics about the activity on a website. It helps you to analyze your visitors, their behavior towards your website, the needs of your visitors gives you all the inputs of the audience on your website. While working for so many clients we came across a situation like business owners don’t give more importance to this tool, as there is no importance for SEO at all. In the world, there are some most popular websites which use this tool for the betterment of their business

Google Analytics is installed on over 10 million websites

60% of the top 10,000 websites use Google Analytics

50% of the top 1 million websites use Google Analytics

Businesses should be using this tool not only because it is free but it is very reliable, now we at Mapstechhub understand that every business owner cannot keep a track of his target audience. Every business has its goal and purpose. We are here to assist you to track the visitors of your website and grab every opportunity to make your business grow.

Google My Business Setup

Mapstechhub is do that step-by-step and generate the business by Google My Business. For every company we suggest a Google My Business account. With Google My Business you manage your presence in Google, in Google Maps and in SERP.

Importance of a Keyword Analysis Businesses should focus on what they are selling and why they are selling to their specific audiences. Keywords build a bridge of discovery for those users who is looking for these services. If your need keyword strategy you can contact us.

Why Keyword Analysis is most important for every business standard

If Supposed digital marketing was a virtual kitchen, and creating content would be synonymous like cooking. But an integral part of any recipe is combing the best ingredients. Choosing a right keywords is like choosing the right ingredients from kitchen for the perfect dish. Adding perfect salt to a cake pretty much takes away its appeal. If you are create content with the wrong keywords and it pretty much loses its function. Keywords are playing important role it can be make or break your content and that’s what makes an effective analysis so important.

Online Reputation Management
Search engine strategy is one of the biggest challenges for digital marketing companies face today. Now a day’s our social media, print media, or TV media all are active. Search Engine Strategy Planning Search engine strategy planning can be very complex and tuff. A digital marketing agency has much available strategy SWOT analysis, SEO audit Google Analytics, Historical data analysis seo Company Mapstechhub offers Top Ranking Plans Do you want to Rank Your Website High on Google Search engine? Mapstechhub is the best digital marketing company in Pune City , India.

What we offer for you?

1. Complete keyword analysis
2. Ranking your site in organic way on Google Search Engine.
3. Manage your Ad Campaign
4. Facebook Promotions

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